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Make Profit - Buy Wholesale!

A Handbook for Doing This Business in THIS ECONOMY

"Just by using two ideas my sales have doubled this month!" - B.W.

"If I learn two or three tips, this book was worth the money!" - A.N.


  • Ethics and Policy
  • Safety and Theft Issues
  • Basics
  • Displays That Draw Them In
  • Travel Tips
  • Buying and Selling
  • Advice for Show Promoters
  • Attitude

152 pages. Soft Cover.

$18.95 (plus $4.50 s/h)

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Surprising, interesting, ... and funny, too!
By Vincent

A great read!
By Dr. Karen Moriarty


A Comprehensive Handbook, by Jo Addie

This terrific new book will enlighten and engage you. The handbook covers all aspects of being an antique dealer.

More than just tips, it's a philosophical and insightful look at marketing antiques...the ins and outs, ups and downs, dos and don't even thinks. Designed for new dealers as well as those who have decades of experience dealing in antiques, this book presents useful tricks and tactics, and helps one perform all aspects of this trade better--especially pertinent in the sagging economy.

Having know-how to do things better is more important than ever. Jo Addie offers her most valuable information gathered over nearly 3 decades of experience buying and selling antiques all over the country.

"I want our business to survive and thrive," says the author. "We can't just keep doing what we've always done. We all need to raise our bar to another level. The market has seen so many changes. Most of us are ma and pa entrepreneurs who can appreciate a handbook like this. We want to keep our customer base satisfied -- and yet insatiable. And also help draw the twenty- and thirty-somethings into our market. If we all do our very best to provide the kind of upbeat environment that engages people and shows them antiques are not only fascinating, but fun, we'll be able to ride through the doldrums of the economy. My book is designed to help dealers do that, improving their bottom line in the process."

Presented in her upbeat and positive approach to the antique world, chapters such as Ethics and Policy, Safety and Theft Issues, Basics, Displays That Draw Them In, Travel Tips, Buying and Selling, and Attitude, will inspire you to raise your bar to the next level and beyond. Subjects like Promotion, Specialization, appropriate Music, and even how to best utilize your booth space are examined, along with essential advice for Show Promoters and Antique Shop Managers alike.

Also included are Anecdotes from Jo's adventures doing antique shows from coast to coast.

Don't just whine about the way things are. Don't just continue doing things as you have always done -- analyze what you are doing and see if you can improve your tactics, your display, your attitude! If what you have been doing is no longer working, maybe it's not just the slump in the economy -- maybe it's YOU.

Maybe you can make several improvements in the way you do your business and maybe snag some more business! Maybe if you raise the bar on your own methods and adapt new, better methods, you can be smiling at the end of the show...even when other dealers are grousing.

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